A Playbook to Unlock the Soul of Your Branding


Are you wanting to create a more meaningful business? A purpose-filled brand that captivates and lights people up? One that allows you to be more fully self expressed and pursuing what your soul is yearning for you to do?
—Kymba Burrows

Unlock the soul of your branding

The Soulful Branding Playbook has been designed to make light work of your business branding. You have everything you need to create a distinctive brand that is brilliant and real and captures the heart and soul of your customers.

In a time when templates and formulas are highly prized and encouraged – we can quickly lose our brand’s heart and uniqueness in this soul-sucking online world. What’s missing is soul, depth, difference and imagination.

“Hi, I’m Kymba. Consider me your branding angel!

If you’ve always wanted to have your own world-class branding consultant… I have great news! You already have everything you need inside of YOU to create a world-class brand.

With 20+ years experience as a branding consultant for entrepreneurs, big brands and world super brands: I love helping you to untangle the messy and sometimes overwhelming world of branding to help you find your golden thread which we find by drawing out what you already have inside of you.

Branding is the soul of your business. And branding is the greatest untapped asset you have.”

Are you unclear of your brand messages, what your brand stands for and what makes you so valuable and unique?

So, how are you going with the pressure in the online labyrinth: the pressure to follow, keep up and quickly navigate your way. Are you keeping up? Are you feeling pushed and prodded to get onboard: fear-mongered into believing you need to know the latest and greatest and not miss out?

If you are feeling overwhelmed / pent up / not on your path / not loving your work… you can bet you are not in flow with your branding.

When you identify the well-lit path (that which you are being called to do) and tap into the essence of who you are to fuel that fire in your belly – you start moving your brand forward.

You have everything you need to create a distinctive brand that is brilliant and real and captures the heart and soul of your customers.

“Great branding will draw you in to a story, through images that mean something to us, shift something in us, light us up and move us. Even when we are rocked by problems and challenges in the outside world, nothing can take away the brilliant clear light at the centre of your brand.

Do the groundwork that will keep your branding on track despite the usual demands of business and everything becomes easy after that. Are you wanting to get in flow using the simplest and most natural courses of action with your branding? Well, read on, because here’s how you can.”

Answer the call for more brands with essence and find out why branding IS the soul of your business.

There are three phases to this process:

  1. Find your golden thread
    This is the essence of your brand: what makes you different
  2. Create the song you sing
    Your unique brand story
  3. Create laser focus with a clear brand offering that connects, captures souls and delights with something irresistible that you offer your customers.

Here is a list of the steps you can take to create a loved brand that stirs souls

  • STEP ONE: Identify your unique benefits
    What does your customer get and how do you make them feel?
  • STEP TWO: What are your unique qualities that make you different from your competitors
    What are the unique set of attributes that come together to form the blueprint of your brand difference?
  • STEP THREE: What is your brand’s golden thread
    When you discover the magic hidden in your point of difference – what it is that makes you unique – then you can weave it through your messages and brand story. Allow it to run through your business like a golden thread – through everything you do.
  • STEP FOUR: What does your brand stand for
    Do you have a sense of purpose that feels like a calling. It is almost something greater than yourself. Are you able to embrace this as something special that is not attached to your ego – rather, it is a fire in the belly, something that you are being called to do?
  • STEP FIVE: Create the song you sing
    Create a song you sing that touches hearts. And then sing that song again and again. You can sing your song in different ways. Your customers will love your song. Your song clarifies what you offer to others AND keeps you on your path.
  • STEP SIX: Inviting people into your brand story
    Something clicks when someone recognises something of themselves in what you say. Suddenly they not only get YOU, they get something new in themselves. When you click. The ultimate bond.
  • STEP SEVEN: Create a star offering?
    Your Star Offering is the one thing you would love to focus on next that encapsulates what you’re all about. Find out how amazing and powerful it is to have one clear focus at a time.STEP EIGHT: Bringing your new branding to fruition
    Bring your brand to life with a project. This is where we take action to activate your brand. This is where everything we have learnt in the Playbook comes to fruition.

“Get to the soul of your business. When you do this work to create a purpose-filled brand everything clicks into place as you are in flow with what you are being called to do.”

Soulful Branding Playbook helps you find your golden thread that creates laser focus and gives you a song to sing throughout all of your branding.



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