How to Find Your Word to Create Your Golden Thread for the Year Ahead

“Intention is consciousness with a vision” – Danielle La Porte

After 2020 we feel more anxious, disconnected, and lonelier than ever and out of touch with our true nature. We don’t give ourselves time to reflect, to go within to tease out the negative things that are holding us back. When we shine the light on what causes us fear and anxiety, those things lose their power over us. We can let go, release and forgive, which clears the way for something new to come into our lives.

Over the years, I’ve realised it’s not about setting empty new year’s resolutions that seem to evaporate as quickly as the champagne bubbles or setting yourself up for failure with unrealistic goals. The best gift you can give yourself at this time of the year is an hour of your undivided attention to go within . To reflect, dig deep, get present with who you are, the gifts you have, what you need to let go of and forgive to truly be refreshed to be the best version of yourself as you move into the new year. Over the past 20 years, I’ve worked as a branding consultant with individuals, entrepreneurs, and big businesses to help find the golden thread.

Lost meaning in your life and a loss of sense of self. The meaning we create in our lives comes from what we focus on. What are you focusing on? Do you have a lot of negativity in your universe and your thoughts? Without shifting your focus to create a clear and compelling vision for the future, you will continue to attract more of the same. Negativity.

Take some time for yourself to get back in alignment, in tune with the essence of who you are.

  • STEP ONE: Download your free workbook
    At the bottom of this blog post, you will find a link to download your free Golden Thread 
    workbook. Simply fill in your name and email address, and I will send you 
    the downloadable PDF straight away.
  • STEP TWO: Print out your workbook
    Between Christmas Day and New Year's day is the perfect time to do this process 
    so make sure you print it out with plenty of time so it's ready for the break.
  • STEP THREE: Grab a cuppa and find a quiet place
    Give yourself the gift of an hour of uninterrupted "Me" time to do this important deep work, 
    and you will see everyone benefits.
  • STEP FOUR: Fill out your workbook from beginning to end
    Let go of all expectations, let it flow there is no wrong or right, just keep going. 
    Even if you come up against blocks and feel stopped just keep going. 
    Commit yourself to complete this process and the benefits will be immeasurable.
  • STEP FIVE: Reflect on the past year
    2020 may have been full of challenges, or unexpected twists and turns, now is the time to reflect on the year, 
    the way you have handled challenges, and the lessons you've learned and 
    to also celebrate your growth.
  • STEP SIX: Tune back into your true self
    Stripped back from your past, now is the time to get present, 
    in gratitude and centred with who you are and what's important to you.
  • STEP SEVEN: Find a word that represents your golden thread
    The exercises in the workbook have been carefully designed to draw out your golden thread which forms your vision. 
    You will find and embrace a powerful word to guide you into the new year.
  • STEP EIGHT: Write a letter to your future self
    A letter of intention for 2021 will flow out of you from your word and the vision you create for yourself. 
    Sealed in an envelope to be opened at the end of 2021 you will realise the power 
    of what you have created through this process.

So that’s it for the steps. Imagine popping a bottle of champagne knowing that you’ve done the work, clear your mind, ready for the promises of the year ahead. How would it feel starting the new year with lightness, clarity, and a compelling vision for yourself that lights you up as you move into the new year?

What is the perfect word to light up your 2021?




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A Playbook to Unlock the Soul of Your Branding

Are you wanting to create a more meaningful business? A purpose-filled brand that captivates and lights people up? One that allows you to be more fully self expressed and pursuing what your soul is yearning for you to do?
—Kymba Burrows

Unlock the soul of your branding

The Soulful Branding Playbook has been designed to make light work of your business branding. You have everything you need to create a distinctive brand that is brilliant and real and captures the heart and soul of your customers.

In a time when templates and formulas are highly prized and encouraged – we can quickly lose our brand’s heart and uniqueness in this soul-sucking online world. What’s missing is soul, depth, difference and imagination.

“Hi, I’m Kymba. Consider me your branding angel!

If you’ve always wanted to have your own world-class branding consultant… I have great news! You already have everything you need inside of YOU to create a world-class brand.

With 20+ years experience as a branding consultant for entrepreneurs, big brands and world super brands: I love helping you to untangle the messy and sometimes overwhelming world of branding to help you find your golden thread which we find by drawing out what you already have inside of you.

Branding is the soul of your business. And branding is the greatest untapped asset you have.”

Are you unclear of your brand messages, what your brand stands for and what makes you so valuable and unique?

So, how are you going with the pressure in the online labyrinth: the pressure to follow, keep up and quickly navigate your way. Are you keeping up? Are you feeling pushed and prodded to get onboard: fear-mongered into believing you need to know the latest and greatest and not miss out?

If you are feeling overwhelmed / pent up / not on your path / not loving your work… you can bet you are not in flow with your branding.

When you identify the well-lit path (that which you are being called to do) and tap into the essence of who you are to fuel that fire in your belly – you start moving your brand forward.

You have everything you need to create a distinctive brand that is brilliant and real and captures the heart and soul of your customers.

“Great branding will draw you in to a story, through images that mean something to us, shift something in us, light us up and move us. Even when we are rocked by problems and challenges in the outside world, nothing can take away the brilliant clear light at the centre of your brand.

Do the groundwork that will keep your branding on track despite the usual demands of business and everything becomes easy after that. Are you wanting to get in flow using the simplest and most natural courses of action with your branding? Well, read on, because here’s how you can.”

Answer the call for more brands with essence and find out why branding IS the soul of your business.

There are three phases to this process:

  1. Find your golden thread
    This is the essence of your brand: what makes you different
  2. Create the song you sing
    Your unique brand story
  3. Create laser focus with a clear brand offering that connects, captures souls and delights with something irresistible that you offer your customers.

Here is a list of the steps you can take to create a loved brand that stirs souls

  • STEP ONE: Identify your unique benefits
    What does your customer get and how do you make them feel?
  • STEP TWO: What are your unique qualities that make you different from your competitors
    What are the unique set of attributes that come together to form the blueprint of your brand difference?
  • STEP THREE: What is your brand’s golden thread
    When you discover the magic hidden in your point of difference – what it is that makes you unique – then you can weave it through your messages and brand story. Allow it to run through your business like a golden thread – through everything you do.
  • STEP FOUR: What does your brand stand for
    Do you have a sense of purpose that feels like a calling. It is almost something greater than yourself. Are you able to embrace this as something special that is not attached to your ego – rather, it is a fire in the belly, something that you are being called to do?
  • STEP FIVE: Create the song you sing
    Create a song you sing that touches hearts. And then sing that song again and again. You can sing your song in different ways. Your customers will love your song. Your song clarifies what you offer to others AND keeps you on your path.
  • STEP SIX: Inviting people into your brand story
    Something clicks when someone recognises something of themselves in what you say. Suddenly they not only get YOU, they get something new in themselves. When you click. The ultimate bond.
  • STEP SEVEN: Create a star offering?
    Your Star Offering is the one thing you would love to focus on next that encapsulates what you’re all about. Find out how amazing and powerful it is to have one clear focus at a time.STEP EIGHT: Bringing your new branding to fruition
    Bring your brand to life with a project. This is where we take action to activate your brand. This is where everything we have learnt in the Playbook comes to fruition.

“Get to the soul of your business. When you do this work to create a purpose-filled brand everything clicks into place as you are in flow with what you are being called to do.”

Soulful Branding Playbook helps you find your golden thread that creates laser focus and gives you a song to sing throughout all of your branding.


Rocked to the Core

When you’re feeling rocked to the core in life and your business; or just standing on slightly shaky ground: this is for you.

What does being rocked to the core have to do with branding?

What happens in business kinda reflects what happens in life. And when you have solid branding at the core of your business, then you have a business brand that can withstand all kinds of problems and challenges. Even when the wheels feel like they’re falling off, the vision and purpose and the essence of who you are in your life and business holds true and doesn’t change. It is just a matter of looking inwards to your source of inner light, because that light never goes out.

Having a hard time

A handful of people I know are having an incredibly hard time right now. And for a couple of these people, I mean next level rocked to the core kind of hard time. And quite likely, you too, know some people struggling with life right now. We’ve all been shaken and flicked off axis at least a little lately, to varying degrees. But we are never really rocked to our core. Nothing can rock our core, it just may feel like it sometimes. Even in the light of some of these seemingly insurmountable challenges, the core of who we are still shines brightly (perhaps even after we die, who really knows?)

Deep inside beyond our bodies

I worked with a beautiful quadriplegic woman for a few years when I was younger, in my early 20s, who I still call my friend after all of these years. This work gave me a great insight into who we are deep inside, beyond our body. Though she didn’t agree with me at the time, all I could see was a brilliantly lit up soul beneath the challenges she wrestled with on a daily basis.

Also in my 20s I accompanied a friend to visit her father with advanced Huntington’s Career a motor neurone disease that slowly takes away your motor skills and causes you to convulse, sometimes quite dramatically.* My friend left me with her father for a while as she had to do something. Her father couldn’t speak or control his movements at all, but I sang to him. I watched in fascination as he calmed down and his whole face lit up as I sang some old-fashioned song I knew he’d know. And I looked into his eyes, deep into his eyes. All I could see was a luminous soul inside a very frustrating body that he was wrestling with. I could see, on the inside, he was singing this song with me.
*FOOTNOTE: I haven’t looked up or researched this disease, this is just what I remember being told so many years ago, so please excuse me if this description is inaccurate.

The point is, from a young age, I was starting to work out that your outer circumstances, mask what’s really going on at your core. Your core doesn’t get rocked.

In my branding course and book, I speak about a Soulful Tree. This tree which I use to represent your business and your brand, stands strong and tall despite the environment and atmosphere that curls and sweeps around the tree. All of the challenges we have pass by like weather and seasons for us to deal with. But when we are clear about who we are, our vision and purpose and the essence of our brand which resides at the core of our tree: no matter what problems or challenges swirl around us, the core of our tree, the soul of we are, remains untouched.

Clear skies and still waters

I am encouraging myself to trust right now. I’m aware how flimsy our desperation for security and control really is – basically it is an illusion.

So if you’re feeling like all of your balls have been thrown up in the air, if you are feeling rattled or rocked – tune into your core. You will find still waters there. These deep still waters are an eternal source of guidance and knowledge and can be relied upon for the decisions you need to make for your life and business.

If we surrender to earth’s intelligence we could rise up rooted, like trees.
Raina Maria Rilke

When something is missing

The problem with all of these formulas and templates we have available to us on tap.

It is a time when templates and formulas, organisation and processes are all highly prized. Skipping around the world wide web you quickly see the same patterns and replications of sales funnels and offers of ebooks, ecourses and products, services and online events.

The pressure to step into the online labyrinth and quickly navigate your way: to carve out your place in this soul sucking online world, throws up a few problems from a branding point of view.

You ship it and publish it, get it up as quickly as you can and then… there is often that feeling that there’s something missing. What’s missing is soul, depth, difference and imag-in-ation.

The work we are presenting is often leaving us feeling unnourished and like sell outs, as we are pushed and prodded to get onboard: fear-mongered into believing we need to know the latest and greatest and not miss out.

Great branding will never make you feel this way. Great branding will draw you in to a story, through images that mean something to us, shift something in us, light us up and move us.

The systems and processes and technology you adopt is important, but only AFTER you get deep inside your brand storytelling, your philosophies, your OWN WAY, presenting something new and unique. Creating something that comes from your heart and not just inline with what others say you need to do.

So master the technology and get your processes in order, but FIRST, get to the soul of your brand storytelling and what it is that is lights you up and highlights what it is that is so special about what you have to give.

To me soulful means : so-full. So full of imagery and stories and depth of meaning, of creativity and especially imagination.

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