Let’s Get More SOUL-cial

Social media is just one place where your brand message is received by others.

It is just the tip of the iceberg as far as branding goes, as it represents only a small part of what branding is all about. Yet social media is the perfect “playground” to cultivate your brand.

Social media is free and familiar and accessible to everyone. Most of us have no trouble writing our bite-sized pieces of content and designing and posting our graphics, photos, and videos on social media – it is all pretty easy to do.

Yet communicating our business via social media can be so soul-sucking and soul-destroying. Not only do we get sucked into the vortex of what everyone else is doing (and worse: copy what others are doing). We can also get that feeling of being unmoored and adrift without a compass. Our messages are beamed out into outer-space without receiving much in return.

Branding strategy can help you put on your angel wings to create more meaning and purpose in your social media interactions which will help you rise up above the silliness of it all.

You will find when your social media account is filled with more soul-aligned, more professional, thought-full material you will increase social interactions with your followers and will be naturally building your brand. Focus can help you present your products or services in a more compelling and more meaningful way that doesn’t come across as too pushy or salesey – but rather as gifts of information that are inspiring and insightful.

When used well, social media can be inspiring, informing, and delight people with a consistent, brave soul expression of the work you do. There is so much superficial, inauthentic, external-worshipping silliness at play on social media. So there is a real opportunity to do something different with your approach to social media.

If you put on your angel wings and create more meaning and purpose in your social media interactions this will help you rise up above the silliness of it all.

Social media can be a genuine outlet for soul expression especially when it is done in alignment with your brand’s vision.

If you would like to use social media as the place where you learn to harness the power of branding techniques to cultivate and develop a powerful, creative, and unique brand – Check out our SOUL-cial One-on-One Sessions.



Want to know more about my SOUL-cial One-on-One Sessions?

Are you ready to launch a more courageous version of yourself out into the world?

Soulful Branding SOUL-cial Method is NOT about the technology and tactics of social media – there are plenty of great digital agencies who specialise in this. This program is not about increasing followers and getting sales – though this will be the likely natural outcome. Our process simply uses social media as a single-focused place to incubate, cultivate and build some important foundations for your brand.

If you get to the soul of your branding – by clarifying who you are and what makes you different – then, you are really starting to create some exciting branding foundations for your business.

Activate your brand by upping the level of creative energy needed to create a flourishing thriving business.

Together we will create an enjoyable structure and rhythm for social media. This will allow your social media branding to be simpler and less time-consuming for you to create, and at the same time, let your messages make more sense and be more relevant to your followers. Not only will they understand who you are for them, but they will also find out how they can work with you and buy from you.

This is a program for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups to tease out your golden thread, get your messaging on track and design a rhythm for your social media content.

Soulful Branding SOUL-cial program uses social media as a focused arena to develop and activate your branding.

  • Get to the Soul of Your Brand: starting with what it is that makes you different. This forms the foundation of everything you do.
  • Tease out your Golden Thread: your single-minded, focused message that will draw people in. It will also keep YOU on track as your Golden Thread is always there to remind you of who you are for others.
  • Create your brand story: The song you sing – a clear crystalline message you beam out to the world.
    Develop a unique visual language, you will create a suite of assets to draw on that you can call your own.
  • Activate your Brand Plan – which brings together everything we have created together within a 90-day social media framework, with all of your content created and ready to go.

If, by the end of this program, you DON’T feel like your branding is bursting at the seams with new creative energy and the clarity needed to express your brand effectively on social media with an easy-to-use method … then … well, I will eat my hat!

The SOUL-cial Sessions are in the format of one-on-one branding sessions with Kymba, completed over 2-4 weeks for $750.

This is an opportunity to be given the entire Soulful Branding method within the context of Social Media. Within this framework and with mentorship and support, we can reinvigorate the good work you are doing and get it out to a larger audience.

If you’re not quite ready to invest in one-on-one branding sessions but you’re interested in the SOUL-cial program GROUP WORKSHOP, please send your expression of interest here.

Activate your brand by upping the level of creative energy needed to create a flourishing thriving business.

Why Branding Needs to be Rebranded

Traditional branding is like a secret club with its elitist jargon.Words like strategy and research, competitive advantage, analysing target markets, creating key messages, sales funnels and channels… blah blah blah.

Brand strategy is all so serious and dry. Maybe it should be renamed BLanding (haha that’s a little joke).

But seriously, the word itself “BRANDING,” is enough to throw ANYONE into a spin of confusion – and that includes marketing and creative professionals themselves.

Don’t let the unexciting language of branding put you off.

The traditional language around branding is just a hangover from the old patriarchal stuffy business models that have been specifically designed to confuse and disorientate us so an elite group of “brand strategists” can appear to be the “experts”.

All you need is a guide that speaks your language. Someone who inspires you and empowers you to be the leader of your own brand.

The truth is, as any brand strategist knows, everything needed to create a brilliant brand comes directly from you. It is merely the job of the strategist to draw that out of you.

Branding is happening with or without you.

Branding is happening in your business whether you realise it or not. Having a powerful and well-defined method behind that branding is the secret ingredient ALL successful brands know about.

A lot of what branding is, happens without you because branding is not who you say you are, but what others say you are – a brand can only exist from other peoples’ perspective. As the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos famously said:

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

The potency of branding.

Branding has enormous power which can have a negative or positive effect. Branding can influence and shape how others see you. Branding has the potential to transform one person’s life; or to reach millions of people all over the world; or it even has the capacity to shape entire cultures.

Hi, I’m Kymba, I am a soul seeker, storyteller, illustrator, designer… oh and a “soulful” branding consultant.

The truth is: I love branding. It enables me to be incredibly effective in the work I do. The very structured nature of branding, allows me to be even more dynamic, creative, and soulful with the Soulful Branding programs I run. Branding is a sophisticated discipline that offers some clearly defined limits, which in turn provides limitless opportunity for self and business expression.

Small business owners and entrepreneurs would benefit immensely if they used even a few simple branding techniques. Branding is a process that puts a structure in place to reliably act on new ideas, unlock creativity and enable the innovation needed to grow a flourishing brand.

So what is branding exactly?

Branding covers all of the interactions we have with a business, service, or product. As Seth Godin so eloquently puts it:

“Every interaction, in any form, is branding.”

Branding is your customers’ experience of you, the feeling they get when they interact with your brand in any way.

Branding embraces what it is that makes you different. It focuses on the most memorable and fascinating aspects of your business, the things that people will remember most about you.

For example, if you came up with a simple, thoughtful idea… let’s say, you gave a bar of chocolate to every new client. Straight away, you are creating a point of difference. This is a small way you are starting to build your brand. With this example, you may find that a new customer is likely to mention this chocolate to someone else. Giving a client or customer a reason to talk about you is always a good idea.

Putting thought into your brand interactions will contribute to influencing the hearts and minds of others. The secret is to accentuate what you are already doing so these actions are a natural extension of who you really are. The bar of chocolate is a simple act that plants a particular seed in a new customer’s mind, one that becomes meaningful and communicates something about who you are to them.

Rebranding Branding

With these changing times, branding has an opportunity to reinvent itself. Because if it doesn’t, it may be in danger of appearing antiquated and limiting with its current scope and perspective.

I feel that some of the most inspiring people in business are alienated from the power branding offers. There are so many branding techniques that could enable struggling small businesses to really get off the ground and fly.

If we don’t rejuvenate the world of “branding”, then we may lose the attention of the very people who would most benefit from the power of branding.

It is often the small to medium sized businesses that struggle to be seen and heard as they flow along with the flock and trends – doing their best, but, without branding, they remain just a business. Not a brand.

Perhaps it’s because branding feels out of our control – it is so vast and infinite and “boundless” – that the language around branding has become so formal and structured.

Is branding too sophisticated?

Is branding too sophisticated to a point where it is a challenge to understand and implement? Entrepreneurs and small business people are often without the luxury of having their own branding consultant. So how do we create a branding process that is simple, effective, and accessible to every business?

There is an opportunity here to create a new way to “do” branding. One that is easy and can be developed over time.

Find a branding guide.

We need more guides for small business people and entrepreneurs to navigate the world of branding. To help us apply simple branding techniques, that are fun, powerful, and creative. More natural processes that can be integrated into the day to day running of a business. I hope my approach to branding does just that.

We all crave a more inspiring new evolution of branding because we are at a time when we are seeking a new way. Together, we can create a new, more soulful approach to the branding landscape: one that allows rising brands to best articulate themselves and be the greatest expressions of themselves as they grow and go on to be a loved brand that makes a difference.

By Kymba

A Playbook to Unlock the Soul of Your Branding

Are you wanting to create a more meaningful business? A purpose-filled brand that captivates and lights people up? One that allows you to be more fully self expressed and pursuing what your soul is yearning for you to do?
—Kymba Burrows

Unlock the soul of your branding

The Soulful Branding Playbook has been designed to make light work of your business branding. You have everything you need to create a distinctive brand that is brilliant and real and captures the heart and soul of your customers.

In a time when templates and formulas are highly prized and encouraged – we can quickly lose our brand’s heart and uniqueness in this soul-sucking online world. What’s missing is soul, depth, difference and imagination.

“Hi, I’m Kymba. Consider me your branding angel!

If you’ve always wanted to have your own world-class branding consultant… I have great news! You already have everything you need inside of YOU to create a world-class brand.

With 20+ years experience as a branding consultant for entrepreneurs, big brands and world super brands: I love helping you to untangle the messy and sometimes overwhelming world of branding to help you find your golden thread which we find by drawing out what you already have inside of you.

Branding is the soul of your business. And branding is the greatest untapped asset you have.”

Are you unclear of your brand messages, what your brand stands for and what makes you so valuable and unique?

So, how are you going with the pressure in the online labyrinth: the pressure to follow, keep up and quickly navigate your way. Are you keeping up? Are you feeling pushed and prodded to get onboard: fear-mongered into believing you need to know the latest and greatest and not miss out?

If you are feeling overwhelmed / pent up / not on your path / not loving your work… you can bet you are not in flow with your branding.

When you identify the well-lit path (that which you are being called to do) and tap into the essence of who you are to fuel that fire in your belly – you start moving your brand forward.

You have everything you need to create a distinctive brand that is brilliant and real and captures the heart and soul of your customers.

“Great branding will draw you in to a story, through images that mean something to us, shift something in us, light us up and move us. Even when we are rocked by problems and challenges in the outside world, nothing can take away the brilliant clear light at the centre of your brand.

Do the groundwork that will keep your branding on track despite the usual demands of business and everything becomes easy after that. Are you wanting to get in flow using the simplest and most natural courses of action with your branding? Well, read on, because here’s how you can.”

Answer the call for more brands with essence and find out why branding IS the soul of your business.

There are three phases to this process:

  1. Find your golden thread
    This is the essence of your brand: what makes you different
  2. Create the song you sing
    Your unique brand story
  3. Create laser focus with a clear brand offering that connects, captures souls and delights with something irresistible that you offer your customers.

Here is a list of the steps you can take to create a loved brand that stirs souls

  • STEP ONE: Identify your unique benefits
    What does your customer get and how do you make them feel?
  • STEP TWO: What are your unique qualities that make you different from your competitors
    What are the unique set of attributes that come together to form the blueprint of your brand difference?
  • STEP THREE: What is your brand’s golden thread
    When you discover the magic hidden in your point of difference – what it is that makes you unique – then you can weave it through your messages and brand story. Allow it to run through your business like a golden thread – through everything you do.
  • STEP FOUR: What does your brand stand for
    Do you have a sense of purpose that feels like a calling. It is almost something greater than yourself. Are you able to embrace this as something special that is not attached to your ego – rather, it is a fire in the belly, something that you are being called to do?
  • STEP FIVE: Create the song you sing
    Create a song you sing that touches hearts. And then sing that song again and again. You can sing your song in different ways. Your customers will love your song. Your song clarifies what you offer to others AND keeps you on your path.
  • STEP SIX: Inviting people into your brand story
    Something clicks when someone recognises something of themselves in what you say. Suddenly they not only get YOU, they get something new in themselves. When you click. The ultimate bond.
  • STEP SEVEN: Create a star offering?
    Your Star Offering is the one thing you would love to focus on next that encapsulates what you’re all about. Find out how amazing and powerful it is to have one clear focus at a time.STEP EIGHT: Bringing your new branding to fruition
    Bring your brand to life with a project. This is where we take action to activate your brand. This is where everything we have learnt in the Playbook comes to fruition.

“Get to the soul of your business. When you do this work to create a purpose-filled brand everything clicks into place as you are in flow with what you are being called to do.”

Soulful Branding Playbook helps you find your golden thread that creates laser focus and gives you a song to sing throughout all of your branding.


Rocked to the Core

When you’re feeling rocked to the core in life and your business; or just standing on slightly shaky ground: this is for you.

What does being rocked to the core have to do with branding?

What happens in business kinda reflects what happens in life. And when you have solid branding at the core of your business, then you have a business brand that can withstand all kinds of problems and challenges. Even when the wheels feel like they’re falling off, the vision and purpose and the essence of who you are in your life and business holds true and doesn’t change. It is just a matter of looking inwards to your source of inner light, because that light never goes out.

Having a hard time

A handful of people I know are having an incredibly hard time right now. And for a couple of these people, I mean next level rocked to the core kind of hard time. And quite likely, you too, know some people struggling with life right now. We’ve all been shaken and flicked off axis at least a little lately, to varying degrees. But we are never really rocked to our core. Nothing can rock our core, it just may feel like it sometimes. Even in the light of some of these seemingly insurmountable challenges, the core of who we are still shines brightly (perhaps even after we die, who really knows?)

Deep inside beyond our bodies

I worked with a beautiful quadriplegic woman for a few years when I was younger, in my early 20s, who I still call my friend after all of these years. This work gave me a great insight into who we are deep inside, beyond our body. Though she didn’t agree with me at the time, all I could see was a brilliantly lit up soul beneath the challenges she wrestled with on a daily basis.

Also in my 20s I accompanied a friend to visit her father with advanced Huntington’s Career a motor neurone disease that slowly takes away your motor skills and causes you to convulse, sometimes quite dramatically.* My friend left me with her father for a while as she had to do something. Her father couldn’t speak or control his movements at all, but I sang to him. I watched in fascination as he calmed down and his whole face lit up as I sang some old-fashioned song I knew he’d know. And I looked into his eyes, deep into his eyes. All I could see was a luminous soul inside a very frustrating body that he was wrestling with. I could see, on the inside, he was singing this song with me.
*FOOTNOTE: I haven’t looked up or researched this disease, this is just what I remember being told so many years ago, so please excuse me if this description is inaccurate.

The point is, from a young age, I was starting to work out that your outer circumstances, mask what’s really going on at your core. Your core doesn’t get rocked.

In my branding course and book, I speak about a Soulful Tree. This tree which I use to represent your business and your brand, stands strong and tall despite the environment and atmosphere that curls and sweeps around the tree. All of the challenges we have pass by like weather and seasons for us to deal with. But when we are clear about who we are, our vision and purpose and the essence of our brand which resides at the core of our tree: no matter what problems or challenges swirl around us, the core of our tree, the soul of we are, remains untouched.

Clear skies and still waters

I am encouraging myself to trust right now. I’m aware how flimsy our desperation for security and control really is – basically it is an illusion.

So if you’re feeling like all of your balls have been thrown up in the air, if you are feeling rattled or rocked – tune into your core. You will find still waters there. These deep still waters are an eternal source of guidance and knowledge and can be relied upon for the decisions you need to make for your life and business.

If we surrender to earth’s intelligence we could rise up rooted, like trees.
Raina Maria Rilke

When something is missing

The problem with all of these formulas and templates we have available to us on tap.

It is a time when templates and formulas, organisation and processes are all highly prized. Skipping around the world wide web you quickly see the same patterns and replications of sales funnels and offers of ebooks, ecourses and products, services and online events.

The pressure to step into the online labyrinth and quickly navigate your way: to carve out your place in this soul sucking online world, throws up a few problems from a branding point of view.

You ship it and publish it, get it up as quickly as you can and then… there is often that feeling that there’s something missing. What’s missing is soul, depth, difference and imag-in-ation.

The work we are presenting is often leaving us feeling unnourished and like sell outs, as we are pushed and prodded to get onboard: fear-mongered into believing we need to know the latest and greatest and not miss out.

Great branding will never make you feel this way. Great branding will draw you in to a story, through images that mean something to us, shift something in us, light us up and move us.

The systems and processes and technology you adopt is important, but only AFTER you get deep inside your brand storytelling, your philosophies, your OWN WAY, presenting something new and unique. Creating something that comes from your heart and not just inline with what others say you need to do.

So master the technology and get your processes in order, but FIRST, get to the soul of your brand storytelling and what it is that is lights you up and highlights what it is that is so special about what you have to give.

To me soulful means : so-full. So full of imagery and stories and depth of meaning, of creativity and especially imagination.

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