Brand Essence

What is it and why does it form the foundations of your branding?

“Your branding is the soul of your business”—Kymba

When you tap into the soul of who you are and discover the essence of your brand (what makes you truly unique), you begin your journey to create a brand that differentiates you out there in the sea of sameness.

We are getting lost in this fast-paced digital age. This is a time when we need to juggle every aspect of our business including branding. So most business leaders find themselves turning to the templates and formulas that are perfectly acceptable and even encouraged in today’s marketing and branding. When we do this though, we are losing the very heart and soul of our branding. Yes, we are more prolific than ever, but we lack the very thing that makes us original, and in doing so, we lose our authenticity and the sense of meaning that we all crave.

Hi, I’m Kymba.

If you’ve always wanted to have your own world-class branding consultant… I have great news! You already have everything you need inside of YOU to create a world-class brand.

I have 20+ years of experience as a branding consultant for entrepreneurs, big brands and even some of the world’s biggest super brands. And now I have been sent here to help YOU navigate the tricky world of branding. Let me help you discover a golden thread, the essence of your brand, by drawing out what you already have inside of you. Consider me your branding angel.

Some questions for you to consider:

Have you have lost meaning and purpose in the work you do?

Have you forgotten why you are in your business in the first place?

Are you unclear about what makes you different?

Are you feeling overwhelmed and lost in the day to day running of your business?

Are unclear of your brand messages; what your brand stands for; and what makes you so valuable and unique?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then quite likely you are running a busy-ness business: and you are not building a brand.

To get to the soul of your brand you need to “get” something about yourself, what is at the core of the way you are and your unique way of being – this is your brand essence.

When you discover your brand essence, you have found your golden thread.

If you could distil the very best of who you are as a business if you could bottle it, what would it be?

Your brand essence is worth pursuing

Although the concept of brand essence may seem confusing and intangible, in fact, it is the gold that represents your highest values and the greatest value you offer to others. So when you find your essence, not only will you discover your point of difference which will delight and connect others to you: but you will also be igniting that fire in the belly sense of purpose that will energise and inform every area of your business and branding.

I have created a simple process to help you discover the essence of your brand (download the 3 Steps to Finding Your Brand Essence).

The first step is to get into your customer’s shoes.

Branding is all about how others experience you to be. When you get into the context of your customers, you move beyond seeing just what you are offering and doing, to see how you are BEING.

What unique benefits do you give your customers?

The trick here is to find what is so unique about what you have to give. This is where many brands come unstuck, they never really find what makes them different. This my friend is your secret sauce, this is the road to you discovering your unique essence, the very thing that sums up how you appear to others.

Go deeper to get to the soul of your brand.

Get to the core of what makes you so different. Your unique set of attributes come together to form the essence of your brand, that single point of difference, that creates the very foundation of your brand. It is the element in the work you do that lights you up more than anything else, and it is this essence that has the potential to transform lives.

Find a word to represent your essence

Find a word to represent your essence, a single word that lights you up and represents what it is that enables you to stand out because when you do, you will be outstanding.

Ensure your word, when you find it, lights you up.

You will know when you have found your word because it will delight you, possibly, it will give you goosebumps. It can be a journey to find your word, but when you do find your word, you know it.

What do you do with your “brand essence” once you’ve found it?

When you find your brand essence – what it is that makes you unique – this then becomes a golden thread to be woven through every aspect of your business to create a consistent experience of what it is that is so special about your brand.

Marketing and branding professionals and designers are very interested in this single-minded point of difference which is at the pinnacle of your brand.

Your essence becomes the centre of your business decisions, your messaging and even the culture of your business. Your essence represents the soul of who you are.

When you crack your essence, everything starts to make sense and things start to click into place.

Your essence helps you to be focused and clear and offers an opportunity to simplify your messaging and your offerings.

You will find this essence is the thing you are being called to do.

How can you use your brand essence to keep you on track?

Finding the essence of your brand means you have found your north star which will keep you in alignment with what you are trying to do. Your essence will help you be a purpose-led brand.

Your essence is timeless and eternal

The essence of who you are (and perhaps have always been when you strip away all of the pushings and striving) represents an inner knowing, a certain authenticity, your truth. You will find, once you discover it, your essence will stay the same over the years. It is something intrinsic that withstands the test of time.

There are many layers to getting to the essence of your brand, but when you do find that point of difference that can be encapsulated in a single word, it is pure gold because you have now tapped into the very core of your branding.

Hi, I'm Kymba
Your Branding Angel
I’m here to bring out the best of who you are, to show you how to be the leader of your own soulful brand.
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