How You Just Know It: When You’ve Found Your Brand Essence

“Finding your Brand Essence creates two forces that are essential for brand growth: a guiding force and an attracting force.” ~ Paul Hughes

You know when you’ve hit upon your brand essence because once you’ve found it, it never goes away: it will always be true and has been there all along, you may have been too close to see it. But when you discover it, you say aha, and you suddenly understand its power.

We tend to seek “the answers” from experts and technology and processes and offers that promise the world, but in reality, leave us back where we started. As we continually chase others believing they might hold the answers, we are handing over our power to others in the hope that the next new-fandangled-whatever will save us. Save us from what? From ourselves?

“Hi, I’m Kymba. If you’ve always wanted to have your own world-class branding consultant… I have great news! You already have everything you need inside of YOU to create a world-class brand.I have 20+ years of experience as a branding consultant for entrepreneurs, big brands, and even some of the world’s biggest super brands. And now I have been sent here to help YOU untangle the messy and sometimes overwhelming world of branding. Let me help you discover that golden thread, the essence of your brand, by drawing out what you already have inside of you. You can consider me your branding angel.”

The search sometimes requires us to stand still 

People spend their entire lives searching for meaning and purpose. If we don’t stop to listen to what our soul is whispering for us to do and find the courage to act on it, we are missing the opportunity to be our most authentic and true expression of ourselves and how we can make the greatest difference in this world in our lifetime.

If you are unclear of your brand essence if you haven’t found your “why”, then you are missing the very thing that makes you so valuable and unique in the eyes of others, you are missing the soul of your brand.

When you find your brand essence:

  • You suddenly feel on track and aligned to your greater purpose.
  • Your brand essence gives you direction and focus and makes it easier to make decisions for the business.
  • Everything you do, every action you take in your business, should be aligned with your brand essence. It is THAT important.

So how do you know when you have found your brand essence?

There are some tell-tale signs that you have hit upon the gold at the centre of the core of who you are and unearthed your brand essence. This is exciting stuff and when it clicks into place it will light you up every time.

The power of identifying your essence is nothing to be sneezed at as this list of ways to know when you have found your brand essence shows:

It gives you a sense of purpose
Your brand essence is connected to your purpose, what you’ve been put on this planet to do.

It scares you
Often it is so important to you, too important, that you are too afraid to go in the direction of what you are being called to do, or perhaps you sabotage it. Your essence may be the very thing that you’ve been running away from and sabotaging because it is so important to you.

It is unique
Your essence will make you stand out in the sea of sameness.

You realise it’s not about you
You will find your brand essence is not about you but about how you serve others.

It is the power to transform lives
You will suddenly get how you have the potential to transform the lives of others.

It will give you goosebumps
I have run hundreds of workshops to help people find their brand essence and EVERY time I get goosebumps when we have found the essence of a brand. So most likely you too will get goosebumps when your essence drops in.

It will stir emotions in you
It may seem so obvious that you want to laugh and yet so powerful you want to cry.

It has always been there
Your essence when you find it may seem too obvious. You may find yourself saying “of course!” You may even find traces of what is your brand essence stemming from childhood

It gives a sense of ease
You will no longer feel like you are pushing your barrow up the hill and following others’ lead. It becomes clear to stop trying and to let go of that desperate sense of trying and hustling and instead allow ourselves to be more of ourselves because in doing so we are being the best expressions of ourselves and so being most effective. This is where you stop pushing, hustling, and just be.

There will be an inner knowing
Your essence is a state of being and results in a sense of knowing that keeps you on track.

Your essence brings out the best in you
Your brand essence is what is most attractive about you as a brand from your customers perspective

It is timeless
Your brand essence will stay with you and will withstand the test of time it will still be there and it has always been there now is the time to 

Turn to your brand essence as a guide
Use essence as a simple navigating Northstar to help bring you into alignment with your purpose.

You may have many unique attributes that make up your brand – but your brand essence has a way of taking what is your highest values (which can be a combination of things) and distilling them down into just one word (or a couple of words). You know you have unearthed your brand essence because it will move you AND it will also move others.

Here is a list of the steps to find your brand essence:

STEP ONE: Download your free worksheet
At the bottom of this blog post, you will find a link to download your free 3 Steps to Finding Your Brand Essence. Simply fill in your name and email address, and I will send you the downloadable PDF straight away.

STEP TWO: Grab a cuppa and find a quiet place
It will only take you 10 minutes to deep dive into this exercise designed to crack you open and find one word to encapsulate your brand essence

STEP THREE: Take action and apply your essence to your branding
Does this word really ring true, does it feel bold and strong and represent something that is so different about you – the very core of who you are?

Finding your brand essence helps give you the confidence to run your business your way: allowing you to be original as you tune into your inner knowing – that brave space within. 

I have created a tool to get you closer to finding your unique brand essence. This is the starting point of your branding.

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