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Social media is just one place where your brand message is received by others.

It is just the tip of the iceberg as far as branding goes, as it represents only a small part of what branding is all about. Yet social media is the perfect “playground” to cultivate your brand.

Social media is free and familiar and accessible to everyone. Most of us have no trouble writing our bite-sized pieces of content and designing and posting our graphics, photos, and videos on social media – it is all pretty easy to do.

Yet communicating our business via social media can be so soul-sucking and soul-destroying. Not only do we get sucked into the vortex of what everyone else is doing (and worse: copy what others are doing). We can also get that feeling of being unmoored and adrift without a compass. Our messages are beamed out into outer-space without receiving much in return.

Branding strategy can help you put on your angel wings to create more meaning and purpose in your social media interactions which will help you rise up above the silliness of it all.

You will find when your social media account is filled with more soul-aligned, more professional, thought-full material you will increase social interactions with your followers and will be naturally building your brand. Focus can help you present your products or services in a more compelling and more meaningful way that doesn’t come across as too pushy or salesey – but rather as gifts of information that are inspiring and insightful.

When used well, social media can be inspiring, informing, and delight people with a consistent, brave soul expression of the work you do. There is so much superficial, inauthentic, external-worshipping silliness at play on social media. So there is a real opportunity to do something different with your approach to social media.

If you put on your angel wings and create more meaning and purpose in your social media interactions this will help you rise up above the silliness of it all.

Social media can be a genuine outlet for soul expression especially when it is done in alignment with your brand’s vision.

If you would like to use social media as the place where you learn to harness the power of branding techniques to cultivate and develop a powerful, creative, and unique brand – Check out our SOUL-cial One-on-One Sessions.



Want to know more about my SOUL-cial One-on-One Sessions?

Are you ready to launch a more courageous version of yourself out into the world?

Soulful Branding SOUL-cial Method is NOT about the technology and tactics of social media – there are plenty of great digital agencies who specialise in this. This program is not about increasing followers and getting sales – though this will be the likely natural outcome. Our process simply uses social media as a single-focused place to incubate, cultivate and build some important foundations for your brand.

If you get to the soul of your branding – by clarifying who you are and what makes you different – then, you are really starting to create some exciting branding foundations for your business.

Activate your brand by upping the level of creative energy needed to create a flourishing thriving business.

Together we will create an enjoyable structure and rhythm for social media. This will allow your social media branding to be simpler and less time-consuming for you to create, and at the same time, let your messages make more sense and be more relevant to your followers. Not only will they understand who you are for them, but they will also find out how they can work with you and buy from you.

This is a program for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups to tease out your golden thread, get your messaging on track and design a rhythm for your social media content.

Soulful Branding SOUL-cial program uses social media as a focused arena to develop and activate your branding.

  • Get to the Soul of Your Brand: starting with what it is that makes you different. This forms the foundation of everything you do.
  • Tease out your Golden Thread: your single-minded, focused message that will draw people in. It will also keep YOU on track as your Golden Thread is always there to remind you of who you are for others.
  • Create your brand story: The song you sing – a clear crystalline message you beam out to the world.
    Develop a unique visual language, you will create a suite of assets to draw on that you can call your own.
  • Activate your Brand Plan – which brings together everything we have created together within a 90-day social media framework, with all of your content created and ready to go.

If, by the end of this program, you DON’T feel like your branding is bursting at the seams with new creative energy and the clarity needed to express your brand effectively on social media with an easy-to-use method … then … well, I will eat my hat!

The SOUL-cial Sessions are in the format of one-on-one branding sessions with Kymba, completed over 2-4 weeks for $750.

This is an opportunity to be given the entire Soulful Branding method within the context of Social Media. Within this framework and with mentorship and support, we can reinvigorate the good work you are doing and get it out to a larger audience.

If you’re not quite ready to invest in one-on-one branding sessions but you’re interested in the SOUL-cial program GROUP WORKSHOP, please send your expression of interest here.

Activate your brand by upping the level of creative energy needed to create a flourishing thriving business.


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