Love and Vitality in a Bottle


Sometimes you manage to feel all lit up with divine feminine power and beauty that radiates from inside out. It’s kind of like you’re in the flow – you’ve got your mojo. Brimming with light and confidence. If only you could bottle that stuff. If only you could stay in that flow state most of the time. The benefits to your business would be breathtaking. I know you need the full spectrum of highs and lows in life. But why would you not choose to be full of love and gratitude and possibilities as much as you possibly can?It’s just a feeling of course and it shows. It radiates from you and people want what you have, it’s infectious and it is pure magnetism. But it doesn’t last.

So much of who you are personally, overflows into your business. How do you stay in that flow state when you’re troubled by problems and challenges? When you’re in the trenches.

Climb out, take a deep breath, get present. Refill yourself and dance out of that negative mind. Disrupt those fear-laden thoughts and get yourself back into that sexy realm of love and light; that place where you get things done, where anything is possible – where you’re unstoppable.

  • Put music on. Dance. Sing.
  • Get your feet out in the dirt. Literally. Get amongst nature. Lie on the grass. Watch the clouds or the trees.
  • Call someone or better still, meet up with that kind of someone you can have a great conversations with.
  • Pick up your cat and tune in to it’s purr (that works for me every time).
  • Play. Walk into a toyshop. Play a game.
  • Get amongst art, or better still create art. With your left hand (or the opposite hand to what you usually use).
  • Do something physical: walk, run, swim in the ocean, ride your bike. Dance around wildly.
  • Get yourself near flowing water: water the garden, sit beside a river, the crashing surf or lapping lake – or if that’s not possible, jump under the shower.
What you don’t have time for this? Of course you do. That’s just your fear-filled ego stopping you. The truth is – when you get into that love-filled flow state – you can move mountains. You get so much more done in less time.


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