When something is missing


The problem with all of these formulas and templates we have available to us on tap.

It is a time when templates and formulas, organisation and processes are all highly prized. Skipping around the world wide web you quickly see the same patterns and replications of sales funnels and offers of ebooks, ecourses and products, services and online events.

The pressure to step into the online labyrinth and quickly navigate your way: to carve out your place in this soul sucking online world, throws up a few problems from a branding point of view.

You ship it and publish it, get it up as quickly as you can and then… there is often that feeling that there’s something missing. What’s missing is soul, depth, difference and imag-in-ation.

The work we are presenting is often leaving us feeling unnourished and like sell outs, as we are pushed and prodded to get onboard: fear-mongered into believing we need to know the latest and greatest and not miss out.

Great branding will never make you feel this way. Great branding will draw you in to a story, through images that mean something to us, shift something in us, light us up and move us.

The systems and processes and technology you adopt is important, but only AFTER you get deep inside your brand storytelling, your philosophies, your OWN WAY, presenting something new and unique. Creating something that comes from your heart and not just inline with what others say you need to do.

So master the technology and get your processes in order, but FIRST, get to the soul of your brand storytelling and what it is that is lights you up and highlights what it is that is so special about what you have to give.

To me soulful means : so-full. So full of imagery and stories and depth of meaning, of creativity and especially imagination.


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