Why Branding Needs to Be Rebranded

Traditional branding is like a secret club with its elitist jargon. Words like strategy and research, competitive advantage, analysing target markets, creating key messages, sales funnels and channels… blah blah blah.

Brand strategy is all so serious and dry. Maybe it should be renamed BLanding (haha that’s a little joke).

But seriously, the word itself “BRANDING,” is enough to throw ANYONE into a spin of confusion – and that includes marketing and creative professionals themselves.

Don’t let the unexciting language of branding put you off.

The traditional language around branding is just a hangover from the old patriarchal stuffy business models that have been specifically designed to confuse and disorientate us so an elite group of “brand strategists” can appear to be the “experts”.

All you need is a guide that speaks your language. Someone who inspires you and empowers you to be the leader of your own brand.

The truth is, as any brand strategist knows, everything needed to create a brilliant brand comes directly from you. It is merely the job of the strategist to draw that out of you.

Perhaps it’s because branding feels out of our control – it is so vast and infinite and “boundless” – that the language around branding has become so formal and structured.

I love branding

The truth is: I love branding. It enables me to be incredibly effective in the work I do. The very structured nature of branding, allows me to be even more dynamic, creative, and soulful with the Soulful Branding programs I run. Branding is a sophisticated discipline that offers some clearly defined limits, which in turn provides limitless opportunities for self and business expression.

Rebranding Branding

With these changing times, branding has an opportunity to reinvent itself. Because if it doesn’t, it may be in danger of appearing antiquated and limiting with its current scope and perspective.

I feel that some of the most inspiring people in business are alienated from the power branding offers. There are so many branding techniques that could enable struggling small businesses to really get off the ground and fly.

If we don’t rejuvenate the world of “branding”, then we may lose the attention of the very people who would most benefit from the power of branding.

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