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We are almost jumping out of our skin with excitement waiting for the final nod.

And when we get it – we will be moving into our new studio in Bangalow.

The old hardware in Bangalow has been gutted out and renovated into a huddle of gorgeous artists studios – and we’ve got one of them!
We have lots of ideas for our humble new studio space. Kymba artworks will be on walls of the front studio where I will also be conducting Branding Therapy Sessions.

The reality is though: my designer, Nia, and I will mostly be squirrelled away in the back room glued to large Apple Monitors with music channeling laser focus through head-sets as we design away. Most of work is churning out (with lots of love and passion of course) graphic design print and web projects for our clients.

The Branding Therapy and Strategy sessions I now run are fast growing in popularity. I’m spending more and more time working with entrepreneurs, co-creating new brands and reinvigorating established brands. I love this work. Infact I’m even writing a book about it!

Watch this space blossom!


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